We work in order to satisfy our customers and consumers

Riberebro produces all of its brands under the highest food safety and quality standards. The Group’s vegetable products stand out thanks to their naturalness and easy preparation, which are key added values to their excellence.

Clientes Lineal

In the Group quality revolves around three main principals:

  • Naturalness, as a health guarantee, which is only achieved when preserving the nutritional values of food. (The natural condition is a value that is part of the essence of canned vegetables, whose healthy benefits nobody doubts).
  • The authentic flavor, because eating healthy should not mean in any way giving up the pleasure of the natural flavors of pulses and vegetables.
  • The ease in preparation that is provided by formats for 1-2 people, adapted to the new consumption habits.

At Riberebro we work hard in order to get to know and satisfy our client’s needs in the best way possible. It is through innovation that we improve the quality of our services and this way are able to provide immediate and effective responses. Our products improve so as to meet the consumers’ demands.

The Group’s international growth has made its products present in America, Europe, Africa and the Asian- Pacific. Riberebro markets over 4.000 products in 60 countries, reaching to more than 1.500 customers around the world. In recent years, exports have clearly increased their importance in the company’s activities.