A Committed Group

Riberebro is a Committed Group. Our strategy is to maintain a continuous line of progress which will take us to being a market reference in global response, integral management and ability to supply, in quality and innovation, in food safety, and the marketing of a wide and competitive offer of products which satisfy the demands of our customers and consumers.

This strategy is born from our commitments:

Customer satisfaction

  • The customer is the reference for our Excellence management system.
  • We try to get to know and satisfy his needs as the only way to obtain his fidelity.
  • We innovate to improve the quality of our attention and to be capable of offering immediate and effective responses.

Social Responsibility


1. Riberebro has joined a program to help women, who have been victims of domestic violence, in reintroducing them to the labor market . 2. Riberebro supports different sport events such as the Camille Extreme Race. 3. Riberebro supports the Spanish Association in their fight against Cancer. 4. Riberebro is committed into helping in the development of the future generation of our industry, by sponsoring the XXIV Academic Year of the Catering School in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. 

  • We contribute, with our knowledge, management capabilities and creativity, to economic, environmental and social development, accepting the commitment to work for a healthier world.

Interest in people

  • Open and transparent communication. Through dialogue we promote a respectful working environment with our collaborators.
  • Labour relations which facilitate professional development and training.
  • By encouraging professional relationships we turn diversity into a source of talent, creativity and experience.

Team spirit and integrity

  • We share ideas, experiences and enthusiasm to build our project and act decisively to achieve it.
  • We promote professionalism and ethical conduct. We work and build our relationships with transparency, sincerity and respect for the commitments we have acquired and for legality.

Results oriented

  • Commitment to the creation of value. Tenacity and enthusiasm are our tools for achieving collective objectives.
  • Active participation. The people who form part of the organisation have a continued desire to improve, they are open to constructive criticism and self-criticism, and they try to learn from others and are prepared to accept changes and innovation.