Working for a healthier world.

The Riberebro Group's corporate social commitment is summed up in the idea of working for a healthier world. A mission carried out through the promotion of food quality as a guarantee of quality of life. In order complete this objective, the Group has created the Riberebro Foundation which promotes food research, financing the scientific work of the Institute of Food and Health.

The Institute's priorities are research, development and innovation associated with vegetable preserves, mushrooms and other edible fungi. The subjects of its research work are:

  • Specific nutritional studies.
  • Studies of the potentiating action on the immune system.
  • Studies on Nutraceutical Foods: functional food, prevention and immune reinforcement as a complement to medicine.
  • The flavour and versatility of the mushroom in the diet of the XXIst century.
  • Research projects with international cooperation.
  • Properties common to mushrooms and fruits and vegetables.
  • Antioxidant properties common to mushrooms and wine.

Studies and publications

The biological components of mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus) of nutritional, medicinal or biological importance.
Dr. Robert Bellman. Department of Food Sciences and Medicinal Plants Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA.

Mushrooms and longevity: The possible contribution of mushrooms to the maintenance of good health.
Dr. Jan I. Lelley. Gamu Ltd, Research Institute for Mushroom Cultivation. Kefreld. Germany.

Anti-cancer properties of mushrooms.
Dr. Shiuan Chen. Professor and director of the department of surgical research. Beckman Research Institute of The City of Hope Hospital.

The influence of mushroom consumption on human wellbeing.
Dr. Shu-Ting Chang. Professor emeritus of Biology The Chinesa University of Hong Kong.