Our commitment with the environment

Desarrollo Sostenible

Economizing and efficiency are main focuses of Riberebro’s environmental strategy. The Group’s production procedures are guided towards consuming as little energy as possible, so as to save the maximum quantity of other basic resources such as water, and reduce waste and emissions.

To ensure an optimum performance from the environmental point of view, Riberebro sets annual objectives of efficiency and energy saving for each of its production facilities. All the Group’s facilities are submitted to audits targeted to detect any inefficient source of energy.

In the last few years the investment made towards improving the industrial activity’s environmental impact has reached up to 1.2 million euros. Currently, the Group’s energy saving is preventing the emission of more than 3.000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which would be the equivalent to the emissions made by 150.000 trees for 20 years.

Canned food, sustainable development and waste.

Canning is one of the agro- industrial activities that best harmonize with the idea of sustainable development. This reflection has become a current issue due to the publishing of the amount of food waste made by the European Union.

There are three reasons why canned vegetables help reduce food waste:

  • In the production process any waste is thrown over the fields.
  • Our storage system avoids losses in the food chain
  • Our canned vegetables do not deteriorate once they get to a client’s home and are consumed in convenient portions.