Leaders in the agri-food industry


The Riberebro Group is an accomplished specialist in vegetable transformation. The company brings together the legacy of three family businesses that sum up together more than two hundred years of experience in the Spanish agri- food sector. The historical leadership of Ayecue in the field of mushrooms, the centuries- old tradition of Gvtarra’s canned vegetables and JAE’s tradition in pulses has been strengthened by their incorporation to the Group.

Nowadays, the group sells five different specialties in canned vegetables: mushrooms, vegetables, pulses, asparagus and piquillo peppers.

The Group’s headquarters and Logistics Hub is located in Alfaro (La Rioja, Spain). We also have several production facilities in different areas in Spain, such as: Autol, Ausejo and Pradejón (La Rioja), Villafranca (Navarra) and Iniesta (Cuenca).

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