Preserved and Fresh Products

The group operates in all agro-industrial business areas: crops, processing and distribution. The group’s main focuses are structured around the nature of the products marketed: preserved and fresh products.

Ayecue and Eurochamp are the experts in mushrooms within our Group. Together, they form the largest global network in the mushroom industry. Both of them controling the entire mushroom value chain: Crops, fresh or canned production, and its final marketing. Their production comes from Autol and Ausejo (La Rioja, Spain) and Iniesta (Cuenca, Spain). Vegetables and pulses are produced in the production facilities located in Villafranca (Navarra, Spain) under the brands Gvtarra and Ja’e, or our client’s private labels. 

Canning Division (production and marketing)

The production and marketing division is accountable for the Logistics Hub and Company Headquarters, as well as five production facilities.

Logistics Hub and Company Headquarters.

Div Alfaro

The Group’s Headquarter and Logistics Hub is located are located in Alfaro (La Rioja, Spain), in the Industrial Estate of ”La Llanada”, over a 100.000 square meter area. The main offices occupy about 31.000 square meters of this total area, whilst the rest is occupied by the Logistics Hub.

The Logistics Hub in Alfaro (La Rioja, Spain) reaffirms the production from the Spanish facilities and is in charge of all customer service. It is here where more than 3.500 brands are labeled and shipped to over 1.500.000 customers through all distribution channels (Retail, Food Service and Industry). In November 2008, the Logistics Hub was awarded the IFS Logistics Certificate. (Quality Certificate).

Production and distribution facilities:

  • Eurochamp Autol, La Rioja.
  • Eurochamp Ausejo, La Rioja
  • Eurochamp Iniesta, Cuenca.
  • Villafranca, Navarra.


Fresh Product Division

 Div Fresco

Riberebro and Eurochamp are accountable for 50% of the Fresh Product Division. The mushroom produced within this area is grown and harvested with a groundbreaking production system in Spain, based in the full control of the production process: from pasteurization of compost to the harvest and the packaging of the mushrooms.

The mushrooms produced by Ayecue Fresh are marketed under the following subsidiary comparies: Cultivos Riojal, Champifresh and Riofresh. These mushrooms are used for the canning industry, the range IV market, and for fresh consumption.

Ayecue Fresh is also supplied by nearly half a thousand mushroom crops owned by its partners, spreding over a 458.000 square meter surface, located in different regions: La Rioja, Castilla La Mancha and Navarra. Both Riberebro and Eurochamp guarantee the development of their associates’s crops from a technological and productive point of view.

Production facilities:
Fresh Production Facility (Autol, Spain), Champifresh, S.L., Cultivos Riojal, S.L., Riofresh, S.L. and Germinados Del Compost, S.L.