The Riberebro Group's Letter of Identity

The MISSION of the Riberebro Group, as a group of recognised specialists in the production of vegetable preserves, is to satisfy the expectations of customers and consumers by marketing -at world level- innovative, competitive, quality guaranteed products; to provide its employees and collaborators with a stable working environment, its recognition and the possibility of developing their professional abilities; and to furnish its allies and share-holders with a persistent value and economic results in keeping with its business activities.

The VISION we have established is that of a family preserving group -as the result of the fusion of specialists in mushrooms and other cultivated fungi, vegetables, pulses, peppers and asparagus- with a global mentality and a multinational presence, as an intelligent response to the new challenges of the XX1st century. We strive to become the reference in Excellence management in the vegetable preserves sector and our determination is fixed on the constant improvement of all our daily activities by continuous innovation in the entire value chain.

Identidad personas

Our AIM is to be the Leading Group in the Spanish vegetable preserve sector and one of the world references.

To do this, our intention is to:

  • Distinguish ourselves as an option for consumers, due to the high degree of confidence provided by our products and brands.
  • Stand out due to our proven capacity to fulfil the commitments acquired with customers, employees, allies, shareholders and the society of the countries we operate in.
  • Consolidate our multi-product presence in all the markets where our specialities are currently to be found.

The VALUES which guide people's conduct in the pursuance of the objectives of the Vision established by the Riberebro Group are those which make up our corporative conduct and sum up a model of Shared Leadership based on:

  • Confidence and commitment to our Life Project.
  • Professionalism and integrity.
  • Dialogue and interest in people.
  • Ethics and integrity in all our actions and decisions.
  • An open and transparent communication in our relationships.
  • Effort and implication in day to day activities.