Riberebro leads in process and product innovation

Martes, 12 Enero 2010 01:00

Eduardo Cuevas, Managing Director of the Group, presents the Riberebro vision of innovation in Pamplona


During a seminar organised by the Government of Navarre`s Department of Innovation, Business and Employment, through the Innovation Agency of Navarre (ANAIN), which took place on the 12th of January in the Baluarte Congress Centre in Pamplona, Eduardo Cuevas revealed the Riberebro Group`s general guidelines for business innovation. Cuevas gave details of the Group`s vision as a leading company in the agri-food sector which is the result of the fusion of brands, specialists in cultivated mushrooms and fungi and in vegetable and pulse preserves.

Riberebro defines itself as an innovating company, oriented towards continuous and permanent improvement both in business processes and in the products it sells.

Within the Group, innovation is conceived as:

  • A cross-sectional activity: innovation takes place in all the functional areas and levels of the organisation.
  • An opportunity to generate value. Saleable innovation.
  • A competitive advantage in the organisation: flexibility.
  • A possibility for market differentiation.
  • A necessity: satisfying the current and potential needs of our customers.