Riberebro presents its innovations at Alimentaria 2010

Jueves, 27 Mayo 2010 02:00

The group presented the new products of Ayecue, Gvtarra, JA`E and Viter at the International Exhibition in Barcelona.

The eighteenth edition of the International Food and Beverages Exhibition was held from the 22nd to the 26th March in the Feria de Barcelona. The Riberebro Group`s participation in the exhibition became the ideal space to promote the innovations which the company has launched onto the market.

alimentaria2010At the end of last year, our Gvtarra brand presented its new line of Mushrooms. The new products were presented in Innoval, the area of the fair dedicated to innovations, where the products can be seen in an exhibition which, during this edition, had more than 62,000 visitors.

The new line of Button mushrooms and Exotic Wild Mushrooms is distributed under the brands of Gvtarra and Gvtarra Selección. This offer consists of Extra Quality Whole and Sliced Mushrooms, available both in 1/4 and 1/5 Kg. glass jars and tins. These mushrooms have been produced using an innovative process which begins with the selection of varieties from our own crops in the Rioja and culminates in them being packed in their own cooking juices, which makes it possible to maintain their healthy properties to a maximum. The new G589 format for cooked pulses was also presented.

In the Fresh Produce Division, Ayecue Fresh took to the fair its fresh button mushrooms and wild mushrooms grown with state-of-the-art technology. These new references, whose launch is now in full swing, are distinguished by the control required during the whole process, rigorously maintaining their environmental needs, until they are packed, in a modified atmosphere, on 200 to 500 gram trays. Their shelf life is over a week, which is outstanding for such a highly perishable product.

We introduced JA`E`s most innovative references: new presentation and improvement of pulses in vegetable sauce, in individual packs, ready to heat and consume.
The new image and design of our Viter brand were also protagonists and, in this case, it was the presentations for the range of asparagus which were outstanding.

The Gvtarra Centenary. The slogan "100 years of flavour, 100 years of health" presided part of the Group`s space in Alimentaria in a year during which we celebrate a century of its birth. Clients and visitors were given the company`s new sales folder.